Willard Wigan grew up in Birmingham, England, with undiagnosed dyslexia and was ridiculed in class by students and teachers alike for the difficulty he had in learning to read. To escape the negative pressure, he faced at school, he taught himself to carve. As his sculpting skills evolved, his work got smaller — and I mean, really, really small. Willard's pieces are so small that he literally has to enter a meditative state in order to work — at the scale of his art, the slightest wrong move can not only mess up the intended stoke but destroy the whole piece entirely.


To get a sense for how small his work really is, consider that some of the pieces he carves could be stacked three high in the same space that is taken up by the single black pixel in the middle of the screen below (helpfully pointed out with a sloppy arrow).


Check out Willard talking about his work in this great TED talk video.




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