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9 incredible U.S. lighthouses to visit

By: Josh Lew on May 23, 2013, 5 p.m.
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Heceta Head Lighthouse, Oregon

Some lighthouses are attractive because of their sheer remoteness. That is the case for the Heceta Head Lighthouse in coastal Oregon. This lighthouse sits on a cliff 1,000 feet above sea level. Though visitors cannot currently enter the lighthouse itself, they can explore the grounds, appreciate the amazing views from the Head and hike along the 7-plus miles of trails that cross the area.

The assistant light keeper's house has been converted into a bed-and-breakfast-style inn, so it is possible to stay and actually see the light's (now-automated) beam shining out at nighttime. This lighthouse is also a worthwhile stop for nature lovers. Sea lions and whales are visible from the high vantage point and nesting sea birds are a common site along the cliffs.