Modern driving laws that protect our safety and the safety of the environment are certainly something we can get behind. But these historical gems seem like they should either go without saying or may be going a bit too far. Check them out before you toss trash into your backseat in Hilton Head or leave behind mud tracks in Minnesota.

1. Simmer down, Sparky

It’s all fun and games, ’til a dog ends up on the roof of the car. That’s illegal in Alaska.

Dog in carPhoto: onetouchspark / iStock

2. Ruffled feathers

When you’re stuck in traffic, you don’t really want to get the bird, from a bird, do you? Remember birds have the right of way on highways in Utah.

Geese on roadPhoto: DougSchneiderPhoto / iStock

3. Why can’t whales ever get a break?

As if several whale species weren’t endangered enough, they are the only animal it’s OK to shoot from your car in California and Tennessee.

whale breachingPhoto: PaulWolf / iStock

4. About those leash laws…

So we understand the laws requiring dogs to be walked on a leash. And we understand the laws preventing dogs from being tied out alone. But the Florida law that states you must feed the meter when you tie an elephant to it is a bit of a head scratcher.

Elephant on roadPhoto: elkor / iStock

5. Before you bump up your urban gardening game…

…in Chico, California, be sure to plan your roadside patch sans rutabagas. It’s illegal to plant them along roadways.

rutabagas in fieldPhoto: Daniel Prudeki / iStock

6. Step away from the shovel

When you start planting trees, it’s hard to stop. We get it. Just don’t get too carried away in Blairstown, New Jersey. It’s illegal to plant trees in the middle of the street.

planting a treePhoto: Maica / iStock

7. Because the 70s are over

"Look ma, no hands" might just turn into "Don’t tell mom about the handcuffs" if you ride your bike hands-free in Wisconsin.

Handle bars (aperture)Photo: stockstudioX / iStock

8. And so are the 80s…

…at least in Galesburg, Illinois. You may need to ease that BMX on down the road to avoid getting a ticket for "fancy riding."

BMX rider in airPhoto: homydesign / iStock

9. There’s a fourth "r"?

Reduce, reuse, recycle—and remove the trash from your car in Hilton Head, South Carolina. Storing trash in a vehicle is against the law.

recycling trash out of carPhoto: JackM / iStock

10. Speaking of riding dirty…

The phrase means more than slang for having contraband in your car in Minnetonka, Minnesota. Driving a truck that leaves dirt or mud on any road makes you a public nuisance.

tire track in roadPhoto: Straitel / iStock

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