Who doesn’t love a road trip? Whether by yourself, with some friends or even certain members of your family, hitting the road in a vehicle is an exhilarating way to travel. It’s even better when you have the proper tunes providing the soundtrack for your adventures, which is why we’ve put together this list of 20 of the best road trip songs.

So, gas up, buckle up and turn it up!

(NOTE: These songs are in no particular order. If you disagree with our list, that’s okay, you can use it as fodder for your next road trip. When you’re not jamming out, that is.)


Here I Go Again
This is an especially great tune if you’re headed out on a solo road trip. However, one of the cool things about road trips is exploring, so try not to spend all your time going down the only road you’ve ever known.

Running on Empty
Jackson Browne
While we love this song, we feel it’s important to note that this is one of those cases when you do not want your life to imitate art. In other words, don’t forget to gas up before you hit the road.

I've Been Everywhere
Johnny Cash
One of the best traveling songs of all time. But if you're trying to go everywhere Johnny Cash mentions in the song -- more than 90 towns and cities -- be prepared for one long road trip.

Livin' On A Prayer
Bon Jovi
Are we there yet?! Are we there yet?! Nooooo! We're halfway there. No, seriously, we're only halfway there, so sit back and enjoy the ride, kid. 
Slow Ride
It's hard to go wrong with a song that implores you to take it easy. Especially when it has such a driving guitar riff and one of the best breakdowns of all time. 

Take It Easy
One of the great things about this song is that it features a protagonist who's troubles will likely make yours seem trivial. Spoiler Alert: He's not only trying to loosen his load, he's trying to do it with seven women on his mind.

Holiday Road
Lindsey Buckingham
If listening to the theme song to the greatest road trip movie of all time, "National Lampoon's Vacation," doesn't get you to load up the family truckster and hit the road, nothing will.

Born to Run
Bruce Springsteen
A good song no matter where you're headed, but if you're headed to or away from New Jersey, it's required listening. 
Ramblin' Man
The Allman Brothers Band
Even if you're just taking a road trip to a state park in your mini-van, this song will help pretend that you've got what it takes to live a hard life on the road. 

Don’t Stop Believing
This one is only recommended if you don’t mind hearing everyone in your car sing at the top of their lungs and/or want to discuss the ending of The Sopranos.

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