Imagine giving a little back to your planet and community while you’re simply sitting in traffic. (At least there’s something good we can say about it.)

Specialty license plates that support environmental causes are really on the move. Get inspiration from these New York plates and check out what’s available in your area.

Don’t forget that keeping your vehicle well maintained can help you reduce your carbon footprint, too.

1. Blue bird on your bumper

New York bluebird license plate

Fees for the New York Bluebird Environmental License Plate help support New York State’s Environmental Protection Fund. This fund is responsible for large capital projects like purchasing land for the New York State Forest Preserve, controlling invasive species, restoring habitat and conserving farmland.

2. A great catch

New York striped bass license plate

No fish tales here. The Striped Bass License Plate helps support the Conservation, Education and Research Fund of the Marine and Coastal District of New York. Preserving the marine and coastal environment is a key focus area, as well as safeguarding saltwater recreation activities that contribute a billion dollars to the region’s economy.

3. Go agriculture!

New York Agriculture in the Classroom license plate

Less than 2% of the U.S. population produces food or fiber on farms, but nearly 20% of our workforce contributes to the processing, distribution or sale in some way. All of us participate in this food system as consumers. Proceeds from New York’s “Ag Tag” benefit the Agriculture in the Classroom Fund, which helps raise awareness of agricultural production and career opportunities among teachers, students and communities.

4. The Erie Canal, by land and sea

New York Erie Canal license plate

The Erie Canal Museum is housed in the last weighlock building in the U.S. (A weighlock weighs cargo boats to assess tolls.) Proceeds from the Erie Canal License Plate help advance the museum’s mission to preserve the building, conserve historical canal materials and provide education about the canal’s significance.

5. Furry friends along for the ride

New York Our Best Friends license plate

When New Yorkers sport the Our Best Friends License Plate, they’re helping out the Animal Population Control Fund. It provides low-cost spay and neuter grants, which are administered by the ASPCA. Municipal and county animal shelters, as well as non-profit animal welfare organizations, benefit.

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(All photos courtesy of New York State Department of Motor Vehicles)