Now that fair trade certified wine has hit the market, socio-eco-conscious activists are celebrating with a triumvirate of fair trade products: Chocolate, flowers and wine. TransFair USA, the nonprofit that certifies fair trade products for the U.S., even put together a special Fair Trade Valentines site — complete with “where to buy” buttons to steer you to your nearest ethical yummies.

That said, finding these products locally isn’t a piece of (fair trade chocolate) cake for most people — especially if they shun chain stores like Sam’s Club (owned by Wal-Mart) and Target, the two stores where fair trade wines are easiest to find.

Some Whole Foods also carry Stellar Live a Little, a fair trade South African wine, and I believe all Whole Foods stores carry a number of fair trade chocolates. You can also try dropping by your local co-op or natural foods stores, many of which are likely to carry fair trade chocolate.

Unfortunately, fair trade flowers are still very tough to find locally. I live in Los Angeles county, and the nearest fair trade flower vendor near me is all the way in San Diego! You can, however, order fair trade flowers online at 1-800-Flowers. And if you take the pledge to buy fair trade on TransFair USA’s Valentines site, you can get 15 percent off your fair trade bouquet.

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