Not too long ago I thought T-shirts made of recycled plastic bottles (rPET) were a newfangled thing. Now, a new company seems to be making T-shirts out of rPET every day! This week, both be present and A Lot To Say announced the eco-presence of their cute rPET T-shirts.

A Lot to Say rPET T-shirts

A Lot To Say’s a brand new eco-brand, offering T-shirts made entirely of recycled bottles. Each T-shirt’s emblazoned with a catchy big word or phrase like Hot or Virgin — with fine print beneath the bold word explaining the eco-relevance of said word (i.e. Virgin: plastic is what most shampoo and conditioner bottles are made from and they add to over 25% of waste in landfills. not sexy) — giving the T-shirts a rather sensationalist-then-very-preachy as well as sort of confusing (Does the 25% refer to all plastic? Or just the shampoo-and-conditioner bottles?) feel.

The T-shirts are printed by a water-free printing process called “air dye” that requires less energy and reduces water pollution, according to A Lot To Say. Both T-shirts and tanks cost $35.99 each.

Be Present renew tees

be present, a Colorado-based green yoga clothing company, added a line of “Renew Tees.” Made from rPET and organic cotton, each Renew Tee’s made in the U.S. and printed with water-based inks — and upcycles 3 to 5 plastic bottles from the landfill, according to the company. Get one of 3 designs — a lotus with lily pad, buddha, or a tree — for $35 - $39 each at be present.

Photos courtesy of A Lot To Say and be present

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