Not too long ago, I got my hair tested for mercury, courtesy of Sierra Club's campaign against coal (Remember: Pollution from coal-powered plants lead to mercury-contaminated fish.) You can do the same, but the task requires giving up a lock of hair, parting with $20, and waiting a few weeks for the results.

Want answers more quickly? Sierra Club's launched a new site — Coal In Your Life — that lets you get a rough sense of how much coal pollution's affecting your life (via Grist).

Answer just a few questions and you'll get a quick score between 1 and 10, letting you know how worried you should be about coal in your life. I got a 3 out of 10 — a relatively low score, I think. It was affected by where I live, how much and what type of fish I eat, and what potential risk factors I have that might make me more vulnerable to air quality issues. The quiz is super basic and thus only gives you a very rough number — I could only pick one type of fish I "usually" eat, for example, but it's a place to start.

How did you score?

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