Have you ever wondered how your orange juice got to your local grocery store? Or how the energy powering your home got to its final destination? The little joys of everyday life are often enjoyed in the moment without any of us thinking about how they were made possible. That's the genesis behind a new interactive concept from CSX highlighting the positive effect trains have on people without them knowing.

Through relatable, real-life examples the website demonstrates how trains impact our lives everyday. How does the salt used to clear icy roads get to the local governments for distribution? Have you ever thought about how the building materials for your home found their way into the builders' hands?

Screenshot of websiteScreenshot of website

These everyday realities are made possible (and more efficient) through CSX's transportation network. Behind innovations like intermodal transport, trains also help declutter roads due to fewer trucks in use, and they bring our favorite products to our stores, all while limiting harmful emissions thanks to ever-increasing fuel efficiency capabilities.

This interactive piece ties into CSX's more broad-based #LocalMotive campaign, an online conversation designed to tell the complete story of the company’s community outreach efforts and the positive impacts made by national and local non-profit partners. CSX and its partners are doing some amazing things for their local communities, both through their day jobs, and through effective, innovative community programs.

CSX invites you to take this interactive piece for a spin and learn the amazing ways trains positively affect our daily lives.