Love big machines? Take a gander at Bryan Park Shop, a 152,000 square foot facility in Richmond, Virginia, where a team of CSX mechanics builds and repairs the hulking beasts that literally keep the trains running.

Operating and maintaining CSX railroad requires a wide variety of unique machines, such as brush cutters that travel along the rail cutting brush to make crossings visible, rail grinders that resurface the top of worn rails to ensure a smooth ride, and highly specialized hydraulic vehicles used to replace railroad ties (no small task considering each mile of track contains some 3,000 ties and CSX has 21,000 miles of track).

Scott Mahanes, director of work equipment standards for CSX, likens the Bryan Park Shop to “Monster Garage,” the Discovery Channel series in which a team of mechanics transforms vehicles into “monster” machines.

The comparison is apt: The mechanics at Bryan Park might find ways to get a machine to do five things when it was designed to do just one.

Innovation is the mainstay here, but safety is priority one. “Technology is ever changing, and … you need to embrace that and help make everything that you do the safest, most productive way that you can do it,” noted production foreman Ed Mahoney.

Watch the video to see some of the “monsters” and the mechanics behind them.

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