In 2009, transportation leader CSX pledged to plant 21,000 trees, which represented one tree for every mile of track within its network. The initiative, dubbed Trees for Tracks, was so successful that after planting tree number 21,000 in 2013, the company decided to increase its efforts by pledging to plant two trees for every mile of track.

“CSX is doubling down on our commitment, because we realize how important the environment is and we want to preserve it for generations to come,” said CSX Special Agent Juan Oliver.

As a part of that renewed commitment, the company joined its national service partner Alliance for Community Trees and the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society at a recent CSX Service Day event in Philadelphia to donate 250 free trees to local residents.

“This gives us an opportunity to encourage residents to come get a tree, give a tree and plant a tree with their community members and their families,” said Emma Melvin, regional project manager for the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society.

According to ACTrees program director Sarah Anderson, who was on hand for the event, the importance of trees goes beyond the normal environmental benefits.

“Trees not only clean the air we breath and purify and filter our water, but they ensure that we have safer communities,” Anderson said.

During the Philadelphia Service Day event, as well as a recent CSX Service Day event in Washington, D.C., volunteers, employees and neighbors were encouraged to use #LocalMotive to join an ongoing conversation about CSX’s presence in the communities it serves through volunteerism, job creation, and moving the goods that are essential for the economy.

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