With 70 miles of track and more than 50 employees that call the area home, CSX has long been an integral part of the part of the community in Washington, D.C. By undertaking the reconstruction of the city’s Virginia Avenue Tunnel, which will replace an existing tunnel more than 110 years old, CSX hopes to better serve its customers in D.C. as well the surrounding area, all while reducing highway congestion and improving the environment.

“We’re rebuilding the 110 year old tunnel that no longer meets the needs of our customers, to transport double-stacked intermodal freight up and down the east coast and into the interior market,” said CSX Director of Communications Rob Doolittle.

Doolittle said that by expanding CSX’s capacity in critical locations around its network, it will better be able to meet a increased demand for consumer products that have moved by rail is increasing around America.

“Freight rail is a very efficient to move manufactured goods, so consumers benefit by having more choices from more markets around the world,” Doolittle said.

To learn more about the cost-savings and environmental benefits of intermodal rail, visit intermodal.com/sustainability.