CSX aims to be North America's safest, most progressive railroad company, honoring its commitment to social responsibility and sustainability through cutting-edge technology, outreach programs and improvements to its everyday operations. The company, which ships consumer goods, coal, vehicles and other items all over the Eastern United States and Canada, has boosted its fuel efficiency and safety rates while expanding its work in the community. These strides are outlined in the 2012 CSX Corporate Social Responsibility Report

This video provides a brief overview of some of CSX's most notable achievements over the last year, including a 2 percent fuel efficiency increase that brought the company's total fuel efficiency improvement over the last three decades to 90 percent. CSX also set a goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions an additional 6-8 percent by 2020. 

CSX sees sustainability as a crucial way to serve its customers, secure profits and drive long-term prosperity while caring for the environment. Its efforts include reducing the environmental footprint of its operations by transporting goods in a manner that minimizes community and environmental impacts, reducing the resources required to move its freight, and minimizing waste. Technological advancements have enabled each CSX train to move freight 466 miles on a  single gallon of fuel, up from 456 miles in 2011.

In addition, 2012 was one of CSX's biggest years yet in terms of community outreach programs and national partner service days. The company invests in the community through the Beyond Our Rails program, with contributions in 2012 totaling more than $14 million. Other community efforts include $630,000 in donations to Hurricane Sandy relief, and distributing nearly $400,000 to employees in need due to natural disasters or severe medical situations over the last three years. CSX is also responsible for transforming an abandoned rail line into Manhattan's High Line park, now one of New York City's most popular attractions.

The company set a record for safety in 2012, with especially high safety rates among employees trained by the state-of-the-art CSX Railroad Education and Development Institute (REDI) in Atlanta. Hundreds of highway rail crossings were also closed, significantly reducing opportunities for train-to-vehicle collisions.

Learn more about the ways CSX is reaching its goals on safety, sustainability and community at CSXCSR.com.