Are you shopping for a new bank? If so, you should take a minute to read CNNMoney’s new feature article, Best Banks 2011. The article ranks the best banks in several different categories and provides a brief description as to why each specific bank was chosen.


  • Best national bank checking – U.S. Bank
  • Best savings account – Discover Bank
  • Best online package – Ally Bank
  • Best all-access credit union – Alliant Credit Union
  • Best regional bank (West) – Bank of the West
  • Best regional bank (Midwest) – Huntington
  • Best regional bank (East) – TD Bank

Personally, I prefer my local credit union to any national or even regional banks. I’ve banked with several national banks and one regional bank I can honestly say that I’ve left each one an unhappy customer. I’m not even a difficult customer to please – I just want quality and friendly service with a good fee structure.


One bank caused me so much distress that when I found out my mortgage loan was being sold I feared that it would be purchased by this major national bank. Guess what happened? That bank purchased it. I immediately had customer service horror story flashbacks. It has only been four months but so far, so good. I realize that since it is a mortgage I’m pretty much stuck with this specific bank so I’m going to try to make the best of it.


I’d love to hear from you, do you prefer a larger national or regional bank or a small community bank or even credit union?

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