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Patience pays off for photographer at peregrine nest

Stone circles that predate Stonehenge by 500 years align with sun, moon

4 surprising facts about the famous Matterhorn

Giant panda becomes a proud mother at Vienna's Schoenbrunn Zoo

Stars swirl around La Silla, a world-class observatory in the Chilean desert

Siberia experiences deadly anthrax outbreak due to melting permafrost

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Mind-bending sculptures reimagine the form and function of tables

The glowing sea fireflies of Okayama, Japan

Put yourself in Curiosity's shoes with 360-degree view of Mars

3 national parks that turn up the heat

7 endangered species with happy endings

Extolling the past and present of flower crowns

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10 of Cuba's best natural attractions

11 animals on the verge of extinction

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15 ocean creatures that live in total darkness

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