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Tequila makers helped bring this bat species back from the brink

Bumble bee gets a helping hand from Endangered Species Act

Dublin Zoo welcomes adorable, endangered baby scimitar-horned oryx

Massive chunk of Antarctic ice shelf poised to break away

Winter ticks are bugging Vermont's moose to death

Birds are migrating earlier as global temperatures rise

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Woodland creatures build snowmen, toss snowballs in photographer's winter playground

Deep-space photo reveals thousands of supermassive black holes

Brussels is abloom with flower-bearded busts

The once hopelessly polluted Anacostia River is making a comeback

This is life in the coldest place on Earth

These may be the prettiest maps you'll ever see

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Obama's national monuments are a big deal

6 places where you can (safely) watch lava flow

Which diet is right for you? 14 plans explained

The most beautiful bike trails in the U.S.

11 of the most interesting looking dogs in the world

The new year doesn't always start on Jan. 1

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