Cooking With Chef A

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<div>In 1997, Adrienne Montgomery left the hustle and bustle of corporate America and started her own personal chef service. Now outside the confines of an office, Chef A (as she&rsquo;s adoringly known) spends most of her days driving back and forth between her clients&rsquo; homes preparing healthy and gourmet dishes for them. From Italian cuisine to soul food, Chef A&rsquo;s palette spans the gamut. When in season, she even uses vegetables and herbs out of her very own garden. Better watch out, <a href="">Farmer D</a>.</div>
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<div>MNN viewers can enjoy Chef A&rsquo;s culinary delights. Each week in her new web show, she will teach you how to make quick, easy, and healthy meals &hellip; so she doesn&rsquo;t have to come to your house. But, if you do want to reach her, you can always email her at <a href=""></a>.</div>

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