File this one under kid geniuses…

Charlie Sobcov, an eighth grader from Ottowa, Canada, has invented plastic, ultraviolet-colored decals meant to prevent birds from colliding into windows. According to CBC News, Sobcov created the decals out of concern over dwindling bird populations — around 500 million birds perish annually as a result of window collisions in the US, Canada, and Mexico.

Sobcov’s falcon-shaped decals are painted ultraviolet — like you’d find at “cosmic bowling” or other attractions with black lighting — a color that's visible to birds but nearly invisible to humans. This way, homeowners can stick the decals to windows without freeting over obstructive bird “stop signs” uglying-up their glass. Sobcov, who is continuing to test his decals for a school science fair project, has not yet marketed his invention but queries about their availability are starting to roll in.

I can't say I've ever had a winged creature crash into one of my windows. Probably a good thing, considering my bird phobia (I blame Hitchcock, aggressive Canadian geese, and a seagull who once stole my lunch). Seriously, nothing will make me cross the street faster than a gang of unruly looking pigeons loitering on the corner. But kudos to Sobcov. Hopefully, his creation will help keep birds alive, airborne, and migrating... away from me. 

[Via CBC News

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