In a two-part investigation, Katie Couric takes a look at our country’s use of animal antibiotics and why the Food and Drug Administration wants it to change. Both videos are worth your attention — there’s a lot here that will get your ire up. It was something in the second video that made me want to smack my head against a wall.

In Denmark, farmers only use antibiotics on livestock only when they are sick. Since they began this Danish experiment, the pork industry has grown by 43 percent. The rest of Europe has followed Denmark with their pork production. Europe has seen a drastic reduction of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in animals and food as a result, plus a reduction of people contracting antibiotic resistant intestinal infections.

You might think the United States would be next in line to ban the antibiotics, but no we’re not. Why? According to a spokesperson for the National Pork Board, the increase in cost would mean no benefit to the consumer. That increase in cost, according to the investigation would be only five cents a pound. That’s it. Five cents.

I wonder how much money it costs to continue to develop new stronger antibiotics because the ones we already have no longer work because of the antibiotic resistant bacteria found in our food?

Take a look at the following investigation. 

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