With the buzz around the 2011 International Contemporary Furniture Fair starting to die down (ICFF ended on Tuesday), this will be the last dedicated post to my favorite eco-minded finds at this year’s show. That said, there was a lot of stunning, sustainable design of all stripes on display this year (today’s New York Times has a great overview of this year’s eco-element). So much in fact, I think they should just change the name of the annual event/hottie-fest to the “International Contemporary Eco Furniture Fair” although ICEFF doesn’t quite have the ring to it that ICFF does. That’s just a mouthful. Anyways, although this will be my last post-ICFF post, I’ll sporadically continue to home furnishings and accessories that stuck with me during the coming months.

I thought I’d end things on a fun note with a look at one of the many designs at ICFF that incorporated recycled/repurposed materials. The work of this particular young designer, Derrick Method of Indianapolis, stopped me in my tracks — somewhat hard to do given that I was in overwhelmed-trade-show-autopilot mode.

Part of Method’s “Bookwork” collection that showcases how "unconventional materials can be durable as well as aesthetically pleasing," JJB Table + Seating is a functional piece of furniture handmade from four items: maple, faux leather, hardware and reclaimed discarded library book covers — nothing too fancy. And I’m not talking about wimpy Danielle Steele paperback covers picked up at a local thrift store. I’m talking about big, bulky legal volumes rescued from the Butler University library. According to an article from the Indiana Lawyer, Method, who has a BFA in Furniture Design from Herron School of Art and Design in Indianapolis, became aware of the discontinued books from his wife, a cataloging assistant at the library. Always good to have an inside source when it comes to discontinued legal books, right?

While many of the sustainable designs I spotted at ICFF fall under the “sleek and sexy” category, I can’t say the same of the JJB Table + Seating. Its sturdy, unfussy looks and the fact that the anything-but-outrageous book covers are from legal tomes gives the table (love the built-in drawer!) a no-nonsense, masculine vibe that make it most appropriate for a wood-paneled den or home office or the waiting room of the world’s hippest attorney. Or, one could just place it in any room to complement a Gartenkulter reclaimed book houseplant pot

In addition to the JJB Table + Seating, other creations in Method’s "Bookwork" collection include benches, side chairs, and even a functional chandelier. Method also maintains an Etsy shop where he sells Shaker boxes and other items. For more info and images — unless you think you'll be stricken with unpleasant law school flashback — head on over the Method’s website

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