In order to make its employees more comfortable when they want to take a break from work, a sports marketing company from Sao Paulo, Latin Sports, asked Brazilian architect Simone Tasca to refurbish a room to turn it into a chill out space.


An abandoned, humid and dark warehouse was turned into this lovely bright space in two months.


Photo: Alexandre Dotta


Some cool features include a wall covered with bricks recovered from discarded demolition materials, which gives a warm, asymmetrical feeling to the room.


At the center of the room there’s a large recovered pallet sofa/day bed with different heights. Even if here it is not intended for sleep, it’s an interesting idea for a studio, the opposite of getting rid of the bed: making the bed into a multi-purpose space.


On the sides, the pallets offer space for magazines or books.


Retro tiles were placed as a mix and match wall in the kitchen, where another neat idea was used: two similar, different-width tables were turned into an expandable one by cutting the legs of one a little and placing it under the other. Both were wheeled. This creates a dining room that can be expanded to double the space in no time.


Photo: Alexandre Dotta


LEDs were used to lighten the whole space.


In the small washstand, instead of a large mirror the designer decided to use eighteen small ones acquired at a beach fair creating a mirrored wall. Instead of a washbasin, a bucket was used.


The space (via Construir mais por menos) is so complete that it could easily be a 600-square-foot apartment.





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