100 baby sea turtles hatched in Maryland and made their way to the sea

October 4, 2017, 1:41 p.m.
A loggerhead hatchling approaches the sea
Photo: National Parks Service

A rare hatching of around 100 baby loggerhead sea turtles occurred on Assateague Island National Seashore in Maryland and crawled to the ocean on Sept. 29, according to the National Parks Service.

Assateague Island has been host to a number of attempted nesting sites over the past year, but this was the first confirmed hatching on the seashore.

"We are thrilled with this outcome," said Bill Hulslander, Chief of Resource Management for the National Seashore. "This event underscores the increasing importance of undeveloped beaches along Assateague Island to sea turtles and other federally threatened and endangered species."

And the outcome may have been a little unexpected. Sea turtles typically don't nest this far north, preferring to lay their eggs on beaches stretching from Florida to North Carolina, so having a nest in Maryland caused quite the stir for Assateague Island employees. Indeed, after spotting the nest, staff for the island installed closures and fencing around the site so as to "minimize human disturbance."

In the video below, released by the National Parks Service, you can watch a baby loggerhead make its way to the ocean before the ocean itself sweeps the tiny critter into the sea.

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