The year 2004 saw the birth of a whole new category of video cameras when the first GoPro camera came onto the market. The GoPro was like nothing that had come before, and featured a wide-angle, fixed-width lens that could shoot clear, gorgeous video in whatever hairy situation you put it in. The cameras were cheap enough to risk strapping to your board/parachute/helmet, and they were adored by surfers, mountain bikers, and other extreme athletes. GoPro sales kept doubling year over year and today, GoPro is a billion-dollar company. Imitators are starting to trickle into the market, but GoPro remains entrenched as the go-to camera for when you need to get an unconventional shot of someone doing something really cool.

It's for this reason that GoPros have also found a niche in recording animal videos. If you can strap one to a helmet, you can strap one to the back of a dog. Or a soaring eagle. Or maybe your GoPro got lost in the ocean and found by a passing sea turtle. The GoPro's wide angle was made for showing perspective and has been responsible for creating some remarkable video. Sure, it's fun to watch a video of some guy skydiving, but the truly mind-blowing footage shows things like pods of dolphins swimming through the sea.

You can see all those videos and more in this little collection we put together of amazing GoPro animal videos.


You wouldn't necessarily think that a video of a turtle's perspective would be worth watching, but damn it if that little turtle didn't steal my heart. The switch to the watery domain was fantastic.

Whoa! This may be one of the most amazing videos that I've ever seen. It makes me want to be a dolphin, swimming around the sea with my dolphin bros, looking for fish to eat and wakes to surf.

This video was shot with a camera mounted on a surfboard left floating and tied up just off shore, and is almost too adorable for words. Never have I cheered harder for little baby seals.

This video, shot from a camera mounted on the back of an eagle, will steal your breath. I think it's remarkable how similar this video is to videos shot of humans flying down mountains in wingsuits.

The story behind this one is amazing. Dutchman Dick DeBruin lost his waterproof GoPro while scuba diving on a trip to Aruba. Six months later, word trickles over the Internet to Dick that a U.S. Coast Guard officer named Paul Shultz found his camera in Florida, 1,000 miles away. Dick's camera worked just fine after getting charged up and came with this bonus video, showing the sea turtle that the camera's strap had temporarily snagged for at least part of the ride between Aruba and Florida.

It's a well-known fact in the animal kingdom that sea gulls are kind of jerks. If you've ever seen a sea gull, you know what I'm talking about — they just strut around like they own the place, scowling at the world with permanent looks of angry annoyance. They'll steal your sandwich, poop on your car, and, in the case of this video, fly off with your camera. It's nice that this story came with such a happy ending.

Dogs are rad.

Humpback whales are some of the largest animals on the face of the planet, but you'd never guess it from watching this video of a couple of whales slowly flying through the water.

Talk about getting up close and personal. If you were ever curious about what the inside of a grizzly bear's mouth looks like, now you have your answer — and without the blood loss and reconstructive surgery that normally follows!

This is the second video in the category of "large predators trying to eat the camera." Now you can also check "see the inside of a lion's mouth" off your bucket list.

The tigers of the England's Longleat Safari & Adventure Park got a treat after a cold night dropped a thick layer of snow — their handlers built them snowmen, complete with GoPro cameras for eyes. The cameras caught the ensuing snowy slaughter. There's something very Calvin & Hobbes about this whole affair.

Was this shot by Wes Anderson? I kept expecting to see Bill Murray swim up to the lens. Wonderfully done.

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