It’s no coincidence that when Google’s secretive X lab built an artificial virtual brain harnessing the collective number crunching powers of 16,000 computers, one of the first things it learned to do was recognize YouTube videos of cats. There are a few universal truths in the universe—death, taxes, and the fact that people love videos of animals doing things. Cats, dogs, birds, lizards — it doesn’t really matter what kind of animal is on the video, as long as it’s an animal and as long as it’s doing something, there’s probably someone somewhere who wants to watch it.

I have written about a lot of important, weighty topics here on MNN over the past five years, things that everyone should know about like climate change, nuclear power, and the dangers facing the worlds’ oceans, but one of my most popular stories is a compilation of the videos showing the eight happiest dogs on YouTube. Cute animals sell.

So, it’s in that spirit that I sat down and pulled together this list of adorable videos showing animals at play. Give the readers what they want. And they want cute videos of animals!


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13 adorable videos of animals at play
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