Cranes dancing

Photo: Josh Anon/Shutterstock

Love is in the air, and you know what that means. Whether they're skipping across the water, showing off their plumage or performing dances, birds put on spectacular courtship displays.

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red-crowned cranes

Photo: AndreAnita/Shutterstock

Red-crowned cranes (seen here and above) are known for their carefully orchestrated courtship dances.

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Sandhill cranes

Photo: Manith Kainckara/Flickr

The couple that dances together stays together, and these sandhill cranes put on a lively show.

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Clark's Grebes

Photo: Dave Menke/USFWS

Clark's grebes skip across the water in this courtship display called "rushing." 

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Photo: Airwolfhound/Flickr

Great crested grebes approach one another with weeds in their bills.

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Bee eater display

Photo:Rahul Sharma/Flickr

A male bee-eater shows off for a female, complete with an insect offering.

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Bee eater offering

Photo: Mark Caunt/Shutterstock

Bee-eaters engage in courtship feeding, which helps keep the female healthy so she can lay her eggs.

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bower bird nest

Photo: Christine/Flickr

The male satin bower bird creates a beautiful nest display to charm the female. These birds often use colorful items found near the nesting site.

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Albatross snuggle

Photo: Liam Quinn/Flickr

The courtship display between black-browed albatross pairs falls somewhere between a playful sparring match and a snuggle.

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Roseate spoonbill

Photo: Michael Rosenbaum/Flickr

Roseate spoonbills dance with each other atop a high branch on the Gulf Coast of Texas. 

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Lesser florican

Photo: Koshy Koshy/Flickr

The male lesser florican leaps from the monsoon-soaked grasslands, a bold movement that says "Here I am!" 

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Great egret plumage

Photo: Lori Skelton/Shutterstock

The breeding plumage of male great egrets may not match the vibrant peacock's, but it's certainly impressive. 

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grey crowned crane

Photo: Andrzej Kubik/Shutterstock

The male grey crowned crane dances, jumps, spins and bows to impress its mate — and what a lovely moment when she finally accepts him! 

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Barrow's goldeneye

Photo: Ingrid Taylar/Flickr

A Barrow's goldeneye skips across the water as he chases a beloved female. 

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Bustard plumage

Photo: Bildaentur Zoonar GmbH/Shutterstock

During breeding seasons, great bustards look impressive with their puffed-out chests and fluffy feathers. 

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Photo: Russell Watkins/Shutterstock

Much like the albatross pairs, gannets will shake their heads and rub beaks with one another as part of their courtship.

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