White-tailed deer

Photo: Warren Price Photography/Shutterstock

State animals are living symbols designated by state governments to honor regional natural history and highlight the plight of endangered animals in that particular area.

One of the animals most frequently honored as state animal is the white-tailed deer (above), which has been named a state animal in Arkansas, Illinois, Michigan, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Ohio, Pennsylvania and South Carolina.

Here are just a few adorable baby animals to enjoy.

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Baby raccoons

Photo: Kevin Schraer/Flickr

Raccoons: Tennessee

* * * 
Grizzly bear cub and mother

Photo: David Rasmus/Shutterstock

Grizzly bears: California, Montana

* * * 

Photo: Valery Hache/AFP/Getty Images

Orcas: Washington

* * * 
Grey squirrel

Photo: Audrey/Flickr

Gray squirrels: Kentucky, North Carolina

* * * 
Boston terrier

Photo: Ron Rowan Photography/Shutterstock

Boston Terriers: Massachusetts

* * * 
Thoroughbred horse foal

Photo: Michelle Foley/Shutterstock

Thoroughbred horses: Maine

* * * 
Beaver baby

Photo: Lassi Kurkijarvi/Flickr

Beavers: New York, Oregon

* * * 
Baby gopher tortoise

Photo: Steve Berger/Wiki Commons

Gopher turtles: Georgia

* * * 
American Bison

Photo: Nate Eagleson/Flickr

American bison: Kansas, Wyoming

* * * 
Catahoula puppy

Photo: Cherie Damron/Flickr

Catahoula leopard dogs: Louisiana

* * * 
Maine Coon kitten

Photo: Barbara Muller-Walter/Flickr

Maine coon cats: Maine

* * * 
Manatee calf and mother

Photo: Liquid Productions, LLC/Shutterstock

Manatees: Florida

* * * 
Big horn sheep

Photo: Tom Reichner/Shutterstock

Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep: Colorado

* * * 
Grey fox

Photo: Scenic Shutterbug/Shutterstock

Grey foxes: Delaware

* * * 
Baby moose

Photo: zlenzlla/Shutterstock

Moose: Alaska, Maine

* * * 
Black bear cub

Photo: Critterbiz/Shutterstock

Black bears: Alabama, New Mexico, West Virginia

* * * 
Baby badger

Photo: belizar/Shutterstock

Badgers: Wisconsin

* * * 
Appaloose horse foal

Photo: normanack/Flickr

Appaloosa horses: Idaho

* * * 
Texas Longhorn calf

Photo: Becky Sheridan/Shutterstock

Texas Longhorns: Texas

* * * 
Baby monk seal

Photo: HarmonyonPlanetEarth/Flickr

Monk seals: Hawaii

* * * 
Coyote pup

Photo: Vibe Images/Shutterstock

Coyote: South Dakota

* * * 
Baby bottlenosed dolphin

Photo: Mike Aguilera/SeaWorld San Diego via Getty Images

Bottlenosed dolphins: Mississippi, South Carolina

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