> Knock knock.

Who's there?

> Interrupting dog.

Interrupting do…


Dogs and people have had a close relationship for at least the last 10,000 years or so. Humans have been playing sports, in one form or another, for longer than that. It would be a fair bet to say that for as long as those two truths have overlapped in time, dogs have been getting in the way of people playing sports. From mutts in the streets slowing down a soccer game to the neighbor's dog stealing the wiffle ball from a lively game of backyard baseball, dogs have proven, over time, to be terrible judges of when it's appropriate for them to get into the game.

To be fair, from a dog's point of view, sports are awesome. It's a bunch of humans standing around playing with a ball and chasing each other or carrying a ball. For a dog, what could be better? Throw in thousands of cheering fans (some dogs dig the attention) and you have the makings for a perfect place for a dog to make an entrance.

While we can only guess how often dogs must have interrupted games historically, the miracles of broadcast television and ubiquitous in-phone video cameras mean that any modern-day interruption is likely to be recorded and posted for all to see.

We combed through a giant pile of videos to find the best videos showing dogs interrupting major sporting events. They're gems. Enjoy!

What a beautiful dog! The commentators were right on this one — that dog looks like he was on the hunt for something. I hope he eventually caught it.

This super mellow dog adds some stoppage time to a soccer game. This adorable little pup was an easy catch.

Who let out the puppies!? These two little golden charmers rush their way onto a football pitch and proceed to gallop around in search of tummy rubs.

What is it about dogs and soccer games? In this one, the dog has a grand ol' time running away from the field workers trying to corral him. That dog did not want to leave the pitch. Points to the clever guy who almost lured the dog by shaking the red cloth.

Bad dog! How many times do I have to tell you that it's not OK to run onto the field and steal players' gloves!?

Unlike the last soccer dog on the list, this dog was easy to remove — flopping over on its belly right away, hoping for a rub. Instead the dog was quickly shuttled off the field so the game could resume.

In this video, a police dog bravely jumps onto the field and inspects a suspicious object — the game ball. After he ascertains that the ball is safe, he allows the game to start back up and then debriefs his partner on the whole operation. Nice work, officer!

Sometimes a dog just needs to dig a hole.

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8 videos of dogs interrupting major sporting events
Take some time and enjoy watching these exuberant dogs delay major sporting events with their inappropriately timed play.