A couple of decades ago, a young alligator was on the receiving end of a gunshot to the eye delivered by an angry farmer and was left for dead on the side of a Costa Rican river. A local fisherman named Chito came across the wounded alligator and decided to save its life. Chito took the alligator, who he named Pocho, home with him and spent the next six months feeding him chicken, fish, and medicine and nursing him back to health. They've been friends ever since. After 10 years of friendship, Chito began to swim with Pocho and made a living hosting tourists from around the world who would travel to see him splash around a pond with his 17-foot, 1,000-pound best bud.


I don't think I would believe this story if it weren't for the numerous videos showing Chito spending a lot of time not being eaten by a huge alligator. I didn't think alligators were capable of making a strong enough connection with a person to overcome their desire to eat them. Check it out.




Sadly, Pocho the alligator died of old age last October and was given a grand funeral by Chito and local townspeople. Here's the video.




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An unlikely pair: Chito the Tico and Pocho the gator
Check out video of Chito, the Costa Rican fisherman, and Pocho, the alligator he nursed back to health 20 years ago. The level of trust between the two is hard