Baby kit foxes want to make your Monday better

December 22, 2014, 12:44 p.m.

These San Joaquin kit fox pups are just six or seven weeks old, and represent the future of what is one of the most endangered species in California. Amazingly, these sky creatures are figuring out ways to adapt to living near people. Photographer Marlin Harms notes, "As its range has been cut by agriculture and habitation, this carnivore species has adapted to urban life where its range abuts towns/cities." Canid species like red foxes and coyotes have learned how to adapt and thrive in urban areas. While the kit fox faces unique threats, including severe habitat loss that deplete its food sources, it is encouraging to see adults still able to rear young even near the presence of humans like its canid cousins.

We reported on this species earlier in the year, where you can learn more about them (and see many, many more adorable baby photos!).

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