While it's unknown what help, if any, the citizens of Gotham City will need in the upcoming "Batman v Superman" flick, it's clear that the Dark Knight isn't taking any chances when it comes to bats

In partnership with National Save the Bats Week, Ben Affleck and the cast and crew of the upcoming superhero film are urging public support for bat conservation. Species across North America have been devastated in recent years by a fungus known as white-nose syndrome, directly responsible for wiping out millions of bats

“These bats are on the verge of completely dying out,” says Affleck. “Not only would we lose an extraordinary species, the death of our bats would be catastrophic to our ecosystem.”

To help the cause, director Zack Snyder organized a "build-a-bat-house" day on the set of "Batman v Superman," inviting members of SaveBats.org to show off their rescue bats and assist with creating some new homes for future populations. In support of the production's green initiatives, all of the bat houses were built using recycled set pieces from the film. 

"I think that we all just take for granted that there's bats and that bats are going to be fine," Snyder says in the video. "But then as we started doing the research, we actually discovered that the bats are in dire straits. As a movie that benefits from the bats, we thought we'd build these bat habitats as a way to raise awareness, and just generally, let's learn about bats and how they benefit us because they're really important."

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Ben Affleck wants you to be a hero for threatened bat populations
In support of National Save the Bats Week, director Zack Snyder and the cast and crew of 'Batman v Superman' promote bat conservation.