For the briefest of moments, the rain forests of Papua, New Guinea, must have felt a little bit like the planet Degobah from the "Star Wars" trilogy.

While scientists from Conservation International were studying new species in the remote area (accessible only by helicopter), they came across a new fruit bat that looks very much like Yoda, the character made popular by the sci-fi movies.

The creature is certainly a mystery — sporting pointy ears and wise eyes reminiscent of the Jedi master. It was spotted once before during a 2009 expedition, but little else is known about it beyond its role in seed dispersal and that it belongs to the genus Nyctimene.

Web commenters have also compared it to the ninja-fighting rat Splinter from the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" cartoon.

Researchers still don't have a name for the creature, but I'm pretty positive they won't have any trouble coming up with one.

For a video collection of some of the more than 200 new species discovered, check out the clip below:

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Bizarre Yoda bat found in remote rain forest
Adorable and hard to find, am I! Yoda bat found in rain forest of Papua, New Guinea.