Can you name this species of rare leopard?

March 31, 2015, 2:22 p.m.
clouded leopard, Santago Rare Leopard Project
Photo: Tim Ellis/Flickr

If you guessed clouded leopard, you're right. You might just recognize it because newborn clouded leopard cubs born at Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo made the news early this week, winning over viewers with their cuteness.

This species is native to Southeast Asia from the Himalayan foothills up through China. The unique species is small, only about 2-3 feet long with its tail adding another 3 feet to its body length. It's thought to be an evolutionary link between the big cats (lions, tigers and so on) to the small cats (fishing cats, Andean cats, etc).

Clouded leopards are exceptional climbers, even able to hang upside down from branches or climb down tree-trunks head-first without trouble. They have the largest canine teeth relative to their body size of any of the cat species, giving it its nickname of the "modern-day saber tooth."

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