Baby snakes for World Snake Day

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Honor the snake in your life

While they might give many folks the heebie-jeebies, snakes deserve some credit for their invaluable place in ecosystems around the world. That's why July 16 is designated as World Snake Day.

Plenty of people who care for snakes as pets will certainly be celebrating their legless companions, but even folks with the worst ophidiophobia (fear of snakes) ought to take some time out of their day to think about the contributions these amazing animals make in the world.

The position of snakes in the food chain is a particularly important one — they do a phenomenal job of controlling populations of insects, amphibians and small mammals like rodents. This is especially important considering many of these animals, especially mice and rats, are notorious disease carriers.

Still convinced that snakes are the horrifying creatures of your darkest nightmares? To honor these slithering reptiles (and maybe change your opinion), MNN brings you a photo roundup of some seriously cute baby snakes! Who knew something so feared could be so adorable?

Baby snakes: Poppet the corn snake

Photo: Rebecca/Flickr

Poppet the baby corn snake

Baby snakes: Garter snake with tongue stuck out

Photo: Pictureguy/Shutterstock

Baby garter snake

Baby snakes: Green tree python

Photo: mikeledray/Shutterstock

Baby green tree python

Baby snakes: Snow corn snake

Photo: Kassia Marie Ott/Shutterstock

Baby snow corn snake

Baby snakes: Garter snake

Photo: Gerald A. DeBoer/Shutterstock

Baby garter snake

Baby snakes: Northern brown snake

Photo: Tony Alter/Flickr

Baby northern brown snake

Baby snakes cuddling at reptile expo

Photo: istolethetv/Flickr

Cuddling baby snakes

Baby garter snake in attack mode

Photo: Ken/Flickr

Baby garter snake

Baby rat snake

Photo: Ben Jeffries/Flickr

Baby rat snake

Baby brown snake

Photo: LissaMonster

Baby brown snake

Baby mock viper

Photo: Dan Rosenberg/Flickr

Baby mock viper

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Celebrate World Snake Day with adorable baby snakes
While they give many folks the heebie-jeebies, snakes deserve credit for the invaluable role they play.