While out on a paddle off of Australia's Fraser Island, a father and daughter were visited by two humpback whales. The following video, shot and narrated by the daughter, wonderfully showcases the grace and light touch exhibited by the whales. The daughter sprinkles her commentary with a mild swear word, so if there are young kids in the room or if that kind of thing offends you, it might be best to watch it on mute.

The best part of the video for me, besides the whales themselves, is how fluidly the daughter jumped from sheer panic to delighted wonder. One moments it's "Oh my god daddy, it's right underneath us! ", the next it's "Oooo, look at all the fishies around it!"

Also, whale breath stinks.

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Close encounters of the whale kind: Dad and daughter paddle up to humpbacks
Watch as 2 humpback whales lightly dance around a father and daughter out for a paddle off the coast of Australia.