The Columbia Packing Co., a Texas slaughterhouse, was recently busted covertly dumping huge quantities of pig blood into a nearby stream through an illegal pipe run underground from their facility. The company was caught after an amateur remote-control airplane pilot spotted the red flow through the video camera mounted on his plane and alerted the authorities.


Check out this piece by local Texas media:


Investigation: Pig’s Blood Flowing into Trinity River:


This is disgusting. The managers responsible for the decision to dump pigs blood in the river should be tossed in jail and if the company does it again it should be stripped of its corporate charter. That won't happen of course. They'll probably end up just paying a fine, probably less than the amount they saved by not having to pay to dispose of the blood properly in the first place. As long as the punishment for crimes like this can be chalked up as a cost of doing business, corporations are going to keep doing it.


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Columbia Packing Co. slaughterhouse secretly piped pig blood directly into stream
A video camera on a remote-controlled airplane spots the red flow coming from an underground pipe from a slaughterhouse in Dallas.