Two goats found meandering along a subway line in Brooklyn on Aug. 20 are now safely on their way to greener pastures. Their hero? None other than comedian and former "Daily Show" host Jon Stewart, who has a soft spot for rescuing animals in need.

Train operators managing the N line in Brooklyn noticed the unusual pair of white goats with brown heads grazing along the tracks between Fort Hamilton Parkway and the 8th Avenue stop. After being safely corralled away the electrified third rail and other hazards, police tranquilized the animals and transported them to safety. While it's unknown where the two goats came from, The New York Times notes there are a number of slaughterhouses in the area from which other animals have managed to escape.

The animal protection agency Farm Sanctuary immediately reached out to provide a new home for the pair — recently dubbed Willy and Billy — at their 175-acre spread in Watkins Glen, New York.

Jon and Tracey Stewart, who are in the process of putting the finishing touches on their own animal sanctuary in Colts Neck, New Jersey, were more than happy to hitch up a trailer and retrieve the wayward goats. Their 45-acre animal rescue and education center, soon to be part of Farm Sanctuary's national network, will offer refuge for abused animals from "slaughter houses, kill piles, live markets and roadsides." It will also be used to grow 15 acres of sustainable feed crops and to teach animal care.

In a statement to the Times, Farm Sanctuary spokeswoman Meredith Turner-Smith said the goats will soon "receive medical examinations and the world-class, individualized care."

And, we're thinking, probably hear a few good jokes along the way.

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Comedian Jon Stewart steers lost subway goats in the right direction
Two goats discovered along subway tracks in Brooklyn are on now safely on their way to Farm Sanctuary.