When it comes to making us laugh, animals are naturals.

Maybe because they don't try to make us laugh — but often find themselves in situations that remind us of our own foibles.

No, that doesn't mean we’ll ever accidentally get caught in a spray of rhino urine. But the way animals respond to surprising — even hair-raising — situations can seem all-too-hilariously human.

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards revels in that bridge between humans and animals. Through the free, online competition, founders Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam hope that by tickling our funny bone, these images may also strike a chord for conservation.

"Every year we do this competition it gets more and more exciting seeing how people visualise the funny sides of wildlife in the wild," Joynson-Hicks notes in a press release. "And each year we see a wider variety of species doing funny things, whether it's a very naughty penguin (which had my kids rolling around the floor in hysterics) or dancing lions, a chillin' chimp or even bee-eaters having a shouting match, they're hysterical.

"Of course, the other aspect of our funny competition is letting people know what they can do at home to be conservationists. Our planet is in distress; we all know that, now we just need to know what to do. Hopefully, we can provide a few small tips to get people started."

Those tips include shopping responsibly, reducing how much water we use at home, and becoming a "wild influencer" — someone who leverages social media to raise awareness about the need for conservation.

And now, without further ado, here's a selection of this year's finalists. You can see more and even vote for your favorite for the Affinity Photo People's Choice Award. Winners will be announced on Nov. 13.

A pair of gannets, one with a very bright head, in Helgoland, Germany
'Indecent Proposal' (Photo: Co Grift/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2019)
A damselfly appears to wave while sitting on a plant in Norfolk Broads, UK
'Hello' (Photo: Kevin Sawford/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2019)
A fish being followed by a shark
'He's Right Behind Me, Isn't He?' (Photo: Anthony N. Petrovich/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2019)
A couple of otters in the water look like they're waving
'Hi' (Photo: Donna Bourdon/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2019)
A bear lounging on a shore
'Monday Morning Blues' (Photo: Eric Fisher/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2019)
A king penguin chick with its face covered in hair in South Georgia Island
'Bad Hair Day' (Photo: Eric Keller/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2019)
A red squirrel with a dandelion in Sweden
'Squirrel Wishes' (Photo: Geert Weggen/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2019)
A sea otter in the water holds its cheeks in Seward Alaska
'Oh My' (Photo: Harry Walker/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2019)
A Japanese macaque with an odd expression in Jikokudoni Monkey Park in Japan
'What Are You Looking At?' (Photo: Pablo Daniel Fernández/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2019)
A pair of zebras laughing, Tanzania
'Laughing Zebra' (Photo: Peter Haygarth/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2019)
A king penguin and and Antarctic fur seal bump chests in South Georgia Island
'Chest Bump' (Photo: Thomas Mangelsen/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2019)
Sea otters playing in water in Elkhorn Slough, California
'Ha, ha, stop tickling .... I surrender!' (Photo: Andy Harris/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2019)
A white rhino marks its territory near an egret in Nairobi, Kenya
'Warning: Territory Marking. Follow At Your Own Risk' (Photo: Tilakraj Nagaraj/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards 2019)