A tea party group is fired up over proposed restrictions on boating in Kings Bay, Fla., that would help protect the manatee population. As usual with the tea party, there's plenty of Bible thumping and conspiracy theorizing to go around. According to tea party members interviewed by the St. Petersburg Times, it's all part of a federal plot to impose a one-world government on us good, hardworking 'Merkins, specifically under the United Nations' Agenda 21 Program, which encourages countries around the world to promote developments that protect nature. (Glenn Beck hates it; it must be good.)

The restrictions would designate all of Kings Bay as a refuge and eliminate the summer water sports zone, slashing the speed at which boaters could travel through the bay. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service would also have the right to close areas of the bay to boaters in the two weeks just before and after the manatee season if their arrival or departure gets delayed in any way.

We should use the tea party as a barometer of how good an idea is. The more they hate it, the better it is.

Let's protect those manatees.

Via St. Petersburg Times via Broward/Palm Beach News

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Florida tea party fighting against ... manatees?
The Florida tea party is upset about proposed rules that would further protect the threatened manatee. (Of course they are.)