Want to reserve your spot in the history books? For a small fee, you can do just that when you purchase the rights to have a new species named after you.

That's the idea behind Discover Life in America's new fundraising effort. The nonprofit group has been surveying all living plants and animals in Great Smoky Mountain National Park (on the North Carolina/Tennessee) border for years. But with donor dollars at an all-time low, the group has come up with a new plan to raise funds and continue its research.

For just $2,500, you can officially reserve the naming rights to the next lineup of newly discovered creatures. And if you're thinking that doesn't happen often, think again. The Discover Life in America project has discovered 910 new species since its inception in 2000. That's a lot of plants and animals that we never knew existed, and they are all just in one little corner of America!

So what will it be? Will the next new frog species be the Acris savedgeri? Or maybe I'll go for a new fern species, the Pteretis ineedanapicus.

Get the next new animal species named after you
For a fee, the next new animal species discovered at Great Smoky Mountain National Park can share your name.