If you’ve lived in California at any point, you’ve likely seen those “Happy Cows Come from California” commercials created by the California Milk Advisory Board — that have been controversial in recent years. Why? The commercials were made using New Zealand cows!

That sort of controversy — which had more to do with production costs than the general happiness of cows in California or New Zealand — is something the England organic food delivery company Riverford avoided altogether with its low-budget “bucking bovines” video (via Grist). All the company did was visit one of its local, organic dairy farms in Devon — and capture footage of the cows heading to feed on fresh, grassy fields after spending a winter penned in on a diet of hay.

The cows proceed to run into the fields, happily frolicking on the grass and nibbling away. They indeed look like happy cows!

Now if all cows were organic cows that got a good amount of frolicking time…. Since it’s often sunnier in California, I would guess that organic California cows may be even happier than organic Devon cows. The California Milk Advisory Board represents a lot of non-organic farms — which means that although the board’s website does have some pages dedicated to sustainability and animal care, the statements made are rather vague and unspecific.

Do you opt for organic milk?

Happy cows come from England?
Watch just how happy organic cows look when they're released to feed on fresh green spring grass.