PETA got punked.

Arizona Cardinals defensive tackle Darnell Dockett attracted the attention of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) after he tweeted a photo of himself holding a small alligator that he said he purchased in the Florida Everglades. It's illegal to buy alligators from the Everglades.

PETA promptly freaked right out and sent him a letter, warning him that they were aware of his purchase and that he could get in a lot of trouble if he didn't turn over the animal to the proper authorities.

Unfortunately for PETA, the whole thing was a joke. The photo of Dockett holding the croc was taken at a gator park where anyone with $5 can get one taken of themselves holding a taped-up crocodile.

Dockett then took the opportunity to have some fun at PETA's expense. A day after receiving the letter from PETA he tweeted "LOOK at NINO close up @peta does it looks like he wanna leave?!? NOPE! We about to go see transformers!" and then "@peta I can't wait till winter. I'm gonna buy a Big ass BEAR Mink, with RABBIT sleeves and LION POCKETS!! Just Watch! Mess w/the wrong 1!".

I don't imagine that PETA is really all that upset. They don't seem to mind bad press, or at least press where they look silly/crazy.

Via Huffington Post

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How PETA got punked
Read how an NFL football player Darnell Dockett pulled a prank on PETA using Twitter and an alligator.