Gentoo penguin chick

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A gentoo penguin chick is held before being weighed on June 3 at the Sea Life London Aquarium in England. The youngster was born several weeks ago to proud penguin parents Arnie and Luna, who are now caring for the baby while under the watchful eye of aquarium staff.

Gentoos are a near-threatened species that is currently experiencing a moderate overall decline in population due to global warming. While their summer breeding colonies are typically located on sub-Antarctic islands (such as the Falkland Islands), more and more penguins are reacting to the warmer temperatures by spending their summers along the Antarctic peninsula.

At maturity, this cold-hardy species can grow to around 18-19 pounds prior to molting and between 10-11 pounds just before mating. The adorable gentoo chick, who hasn't yet been named, weighed in at about 1.3 pounds.

Gentoo penguin chick weighed on a scale
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Itty bitty penguin chick debuts at London aquarium
Adorable baby gentoo penguin is weighed at the Sea Life London Aquarium.