We're big fans of both dogs and parkour here at MNN, so I knew I needed to share this cool video as soon as I watched it: In it, Jumpy the dog sessions with professional parkour athlete Alex Van Duong and runs, jumps, bounds, and flips all over the place.

Jumpy was trained by Omar von Muller, one of the most skilled and highly respected animal trainers in the world, and has appeared in TV commercials, movies and television shows. Jumpy the dog is scary smart. Watch this one and see for yourself:

This one shows off Jumpy's physical capabilities.

Did I just watch a video of a dog riding a scooter down the road? The Internet is a wonderful thing.

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Jumpy the dog practices parkour with professional Alex Van Duong
Check out the results of Jumpy the parkour practicing pooch playing around with professional athlete Alex Van Duong.