Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, best known to fans as the comedy duo "Key and Peele," are currently engaged in the media rounds for their new film, "Keanu." The comedy, about two regular guys attempting to retrieve their beloved kitten from hardened criminals, features the performances of not one, but seven rescue cats.

Unlike other press junkets, Key and Peele have taken to visiting area animal shelters to help get the word out on why pet adoption is awesome.

"Every single kitten that is a used in this movie is a rescue kitten," Key said during a stop at the Cat Town Cafe in Oakland, California. "Every cat is a rescue cat, and some of the cats were adopted by members of the crew."

During a recent visit to the Tree House Humane Society, a no-kill shelter in Chicago with a focus on the rescue, rehabilitation and adoption of sick and injured stray cats, Key and Peele provided their signature naming skills to some of the center's furry residents. Examples include Mr. Higgabonton Crumplier III, Cat Licksyrussel, Purrhuggz N' Harmony, and for the Boaty McBoatface crowd, the lovable FluffyTail WhiskerFace.

Key and Peele Cats Who wouldn't want to take home this Key-and-Peele-approved cat named FluffyTail WhiskerFace? (Photo: Tree House Humane Society)

While Key and Peele certainly want people to check out their new movie, they're also excited to help promote the Tree House shelter's $7 million campaign to build a state-of-the-art cat shelter in Chicago. The 15,000-square-foot facility will feature a cat cafe, a nearly full-service public vet clinic for cats and dogs, education center, and a pet food pantry and supply store to assist low-income families with meeting their pets' nutritional needs.

"Keanu" premieres April 29th.

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