Learn how to set up a DSLR camera trap

February 9, 2016, 8 a.m.

This amazing photo of a wild ocelot was taken when a photographer was nowhere in sight. But a photographer spent a lot of time beforehand creating the opportunity for such a shot.

Setting up a good camera trap is key to getting fantastic wildlife shots even after you're tucked into a warm bed snoozing the night away. Using motion sensors that trigger the camera to take a photo, a photographer can document animals and natural behaviors that we would otherwise never get to see.

Curious about the work (and patience!) that goes into setting up a camera trap? Watch conservation photographer Morgan Heim set up her rig to capture the ocelot photo.

My favorite quote: "People must think I'm up to no good because I buy plastic bags, zip ties and duct tape."

Capturing Costa Rica's "Wild" Nightlife from Black Llama on Vimeo.

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