Luminous Sea by Richard Salas: Hooded Nudibranch

All photos courtesy of Richard Salas

As a professional photographer, avid diver and marine life advocate, Richard Salas has spent the last decade immersing himself in and documenting the underwater habitats of western North America. The product of his journey is the "Sea of Light" trilogy, a fascinating series of photo books that highlights the vibrant colors and textures of these mysterious aquatic worlds.

The first two books in the collection consist of "Sea of Light," which focuses on marine habitats of California's Channel Islands, and "Blue Visions," which shines a spotlight on the diverse, threatened wildlife living around the equatorial islands of Mexico. The third and final installment, called "Luminous Sea," is a documentation of the strange, colorful creatures found in the chilly depths of the Northern Pacific Ocean.

While the first two books have already been published, "Luminous Sea" is still under production, and it needs your help! To help cover publishing costs for "Luminous Sea," Salas is raising money through an Indiegogo campaign.

In addition to funding the project, supporters would also be contributing to a great cause: 50 percent of the book's profits will be donated to The Ocean Foundation, a nonprofit that "aims to support, strengthen and promote organizations that are dedicated to conserving ocean environments around the world."

Want a taste of the beauty that will fill the book's pages? Continue below to see wolf eels, lumpsuckers, nudibranchs, anemones and other marine critters! 

Luminous sea by Richard Salas: Wolf eel pair

A pair of wolf eels

* * * 
Luminous sea by Richard Salas: Brooding anemones

Brooding anemones

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Luminous sea by Richard Salas: Spiny lump sucker

Spiny lumpsucker

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Luminous sea by Richard Salas: Opalescent nudibranch

Opalescent nudibranch

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Luminous sea by Richard Salas: Giant Pacific octopus

Giant Pacific octopus

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Luminous sea by Richard Salas: Decorated warbonnet

Decorated warbonnet

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Luminous sea by Richard Salas: Ratfish


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Luminous sea by Richard Salas: Orange peel nudibranch

Orange peel nudibranch

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Luminous sea by Richard Salas: Wolf eel

Wolf eel

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'Luminous Sea' offers glimpse of colorful marine life
The book, which is seeking a boost from an online fundraising campaign, features photography by marine life advocate Richard Salas.