A marmot was just clambering up a rock in Glacier National Park recently when it came across an unfamiliar, possibly edible object. After a brief investigation proved fruitless, the marmot moved on.

The same scene was much more entertaining from the object's perspective, however, since it was a GoPro camera placed there by Greenpeace to film a time-lapse video of the valley below. The group has instead released a clip of the marmot encounter, in which the ground squirrel thoroughly licks the camera's lens before walking out of view and apparently knocking over the tripod from behind.

"Though we didn't capture the timelapse video of Glacier National Park that we intended to, we captured something much cooler ... Marmot Love," Greenpeace USA wrote on Facebook.

The plan was to record a time-lapse video of the picturesque valley in the background, then use that to raise awareness of how climate change endangers the park's alpine tundra and namesake glaciers. But as Greenpeace wisely realized, a furry photobomber can make any scenery more memorable. This marmot "would like to give you a kiss for helping to save its home," the group suggests.

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Marmot photobombs time-lapse video, licks camera
Greenpeace was trying to film mountain scenery at Glacier National Park, but a curious marmot had other ideas.