Note to self, avoid swimming off the the coast of Mexico's Guadalupe Island.

Marine biologist Mauricio Hoyos Padilla made viral waves on Facebook after posting video of a dive master casually high-fiving a great white shark near Guadalupe Island, off Mexico’s Baja Peninsula. Of course, this wasn't just any great white, but "Deep Blue," one of the largest sharks ever caught on film.

The footage was actually shot in the fall of 2013 for a Discovery Channel "Shark Week" documentary on the estimated 20-foot giant. In an interview with Live Science, Padilla says dive master Joel Ibarra wasn't actually trying to high-five the shark, but was instead making sure no harm came to her.

"The dive master was pushing the shark away — it has a big laceration on the right side," he said. "It was really close to the cage, and they have pointy ends. It is so big it couldn't turn properly. So he was trying to push her away, because he didn't want her to get hurt."

With the shark tagged, scientists hope to learn more about her feeding and mating habits, as well as any lessons that might help conserve the species going forward.

Check out a video of Deep Blue's discovery during a recent "Shark Week" event.

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