Adorable goat named Cowboy Bebop

All photos: Ruth O'Leary

When Sydney-based photographer Ruth O'Leary learned that a friend had taken in a 3-week-old foster goat, she jumped at the chance to capture his promotional adoption photos.

"How often do you get to photograph an indoor goat that wears nappies and a different outfit every day?!" O'Leary explains on her website, Ruthless Photos.

So what's the skinny on this dark brown baby goat, you ask? Well, first off, his name is Cowboy Bebop, which might ring a bell if you happen to be a fan of neo-noir anime space westerns. Bebop's hobbies include chewing on glass coffee tables, nibbling on throw pillows, head butting his fellow foster pups, and modeling the latest in Hawaiian shirt fashions.

Despite his adorably destructive goat-like proclivities, you'll be happy to know that it didn't take long for him to find his forever home! As O'Leary explains, "Bebop has since been adopted and has gone to live on a hobby farm with a rescue pig and dogs and a family who adore him."

Continue below for more endearing photos from the session (which also includes a comically bewildered pug), or check out Bebop's past hijinks by visiting his foster dad's Instagram and Facebook

Bottlefeeding Cowboy Bebop

Nothing cuter than bottlefeeding a baby goat!

Cowboy Bebop with a milk moustache

Even goats get milk moustaches!

Confused pug

"Hey, what about me? I'm cute, too!"

Very photogenic goat

"Yes, pug, but you must understand ... I'm a goat!"

Goat perching on couch

"I claim this couch in the name of all bovids everywhere!"

Goat chewing on balloon

Bebop chews on a remnant of his goat-welcoming party.

Cowboy Bebop the goat chewing on glass table

"Mmm ... tempered glass ..."

There's a pug behind me, isn't there?

Pug photo bomb

There's a goat behind me, isn't there?

Goat photo bomb

Leaping goat

Time for a change of scenery!

Goat and human legs on bridge

Yes, that is a goat wearing a Hawaiian shirt and a diaper.

Cowboy Bebop settles down on the ground
"Phew! It's been quite a long day filled with being a goat."
Pug head tilt

"But what about me?"

* * *
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Meet Cowboy Bebop, a young foster goat with a penchant for Hawaiian shirts
The little goat's hobbies include chewing on glass coffee tables, nibbling on throw pillows and head butting his fellow foster siblings.