Fuzzberta cosplaying as pikachu
(Photo: @Fuzzberta/Instagram)

Cosplay (a Japanese term that is short for "costume play") is all the rage these days, and it's only natural to see this theatrical enthusiasm extending to our furry friends! Case in point: Fuzzberta, the cosplaying guinea pig!

Fuzzberta was originally raised as a "show piggy" (note the ear tag), but her first family surrendered her (along with a few other guinea pigs) after deciding to shift gears and show ducks instead.

It's all good, though — Fuzzberta is happy and doing well now that she's found her forever home in Pacifica, California, with a doting human named Monica and an older adoptive sister, MiniGuineaPig (aka MGP, seen below at right).

Fuzzberta chased by Domo-kun
(Photo: @Fuzzberta/Instagram)

Although Fuzzberta was a little bit skittish when she first joined the family, she has since loosened up, making her the perfect model for adorable photoshoots. As long as she is given a steady supply of carrots, she's totally cool with wearing silly hats and posing for photos.

"As a graphic designer, I started looking at@fuzzberta as a creative challenge," Monica explains in a recent interview. "I'd always enjoyed photography projects like My Milk Toof and Wenngenn in Wonderland, where they create tiny handmade analog worlds within the borders of a photograph. It mainly boils down to how I can get an idea across using only one or two props?"

Continue below to see Fuzzberta decked out as some of our most beloved characters in pop culture!

Fuzzberta cosplaying as Harry Potter
(Photo: @Fuzzberta/Instagram)

"Fuzzy Potter's Patronus is secretly a carrot."

Fuzzberta cosplaying as an ewok
(Photo: @Fuzzberta/Instagram)

"May the Fuzz be with you."

Fuzzberta cosplaying for Shark Week
(Photo: @Fuzzberta/Instagram)

"Few creatures are more fearsome than the Great Fuzz Shark."

Of course, Fuzzberta isn't the only photogenic piggy in the family. MGP has posed for her fair share of cosplay photoshoots, as well! Continue below to see some of those shots, and be sure to follow these pint-sized cosplayers on Instagram to see more creative guinea pig costumery!

MGP dressed up as Leia from Star Wars
(Photo: @Fuzzberta/Instagram)

"Help us, Fuzzy Wan! You're our only hope!"

MiniGuineaPig cosplaying as Katniss from the Hunger Games
(Photo: @Fuzzberta/Instagram)

May the odds be ever in your favor, MiniGuineaKatniss

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